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Signed limited edition books

Not available on the high street

Unique, photographic content

Numbered limited editions


The necessary Evil called "shipping".

Books are heavy. 600 page plus books are very, very heavy, often around 7kg. This means they cost money to ship, we cant get away from that. In general we use well known courier companies such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL and PARCELFORCE etc. We can't just use the Post Office unfortunately because of the weight issues. Because the world is a very up and down place prices vary and change all the time. This means sometimes we lose out when shipping a book. We generally don't make a profit from our packing and sending charges. It is a necessary part of our process to get our books out there.


Covid has changed things. Prices have gone up, cardboard is in shorter supply and has become more expensive. Getting orders into some countries take longer. This situation will hopefully ease over time.


The UK has left the EU and despite a "trade deal" being reached from January 1st 2021 sending orders into Europe has also changed. This has nothing to do with Rufus. This means that if you live in Europe you may be asked to pay extra charges to receive your order. This is beyond our control. This is because of the rules applied by the country you live in and by Brexit of course. We had no say in Brexit. The rules for how much tax you will pay seem arbitrary. We are looking for a solution to this but in the meantime these extra taxes are out of our control and you will have to pay the tax to receive the goods.


Don't panic. We will resolve this for you. Simply send us photographic proof of the damage and we will put this right at our cost.

If you have any queries about your delivery simply email Please be polite though.