You can choose to pay weekly or monthly over a set period (up to 12 months). We simply set up an invoice for you via PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account and can just use your credit or debit card to pay) and the invoice can be paid in instalments at your discretion. The minimum initial payment is £40 to secure your order.

To use the instalment service, simply order your product and during the checkout process select INSTALMENTS as the payment option. Confirm your order. We will then set up the process for you. if your order is placed over a weekend or out of normal working hours we will send the Paypal invoice on the next working day. If you lose or delete your Paypal invoice please email us at and we will resend a copy.


By selecting the Instalments option on checkout from our webpage ( you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions have been created to outline the use of this service. Once the instalments option has been selected and checkout is complete, the Publisher will send the customer a PayPal Invoice.  Once the invoice is paid in full, the publisher will send the customer their products (depending on the release date of the product).

1.1 Deposit

Upon receipt of the PayPal invoice, the Customer must pay a £40.00 deposit to secure their purchase. The deposit is non-refundable (see 1.4 Refunding).

1.2 Cooling-off Period

The customer has 4 weeks from the issue of the PayPal invoice to pay their £40.00 deposit. If no deposit is paid after the 4-week cooling down period, the Publisher may cancel the PayPal invoice and the associated order on our website.

1.3 Duration of Invoice

The PayPal invoice has a duration of 1 calendar year from the day it was issued. After 1 calendar year, the invoice will expire.

1.31 Expiry of Invoice

In the event of the invoice expiring before the full amount is paid, all money paid, including the deposit (see 1.1 Deposit), is non-refundable.

1.4 Refunding

The customer may request a refund of monies paid towards their invoice before the 1st calendar year duration has expired. The Publisher will refund the customer using the same method used to pay the invoice (credit card, debit card, PayPal etc.). Please note that this refund does not include the initial £40.00 deposit (see 1.1 Deposit).

1.5 Fulfilment

Once the customer has paid the PayPal invoice in full, the Publisher will ship the product to the customer within 5 working days subject to the following conditions:

1.51 Pre-order

Any products purchased during a pre-order sale will be sent to the customer on the date of or close to the date of release. This date will be stated on the publisher’s web page ( during the pre-order sale and is subject to change. The Publisher will keep the customer informed in the event of such changes to the release date either via the website, email or social media.